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Hope Harvard

Hope Harvard founded Hope Beauty with one mission: to encourage women with the truth about who they are. To Hope, it's about more than just makeup, it's about your heart too. Hope began her career in the West Wing of the White House at age 21. The South Carolina native graduated from Clemson University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. She served in the Department of Homeland Security Office of Public Affairs, White House Communications Office, and White House Office of Legislative Affairs. Upon leaving Washington, D.C., Hope moved home to South Carolina where she served in the Office of the Governor. Her years of political work earned her expertise in strategic communications. Hope Beauty, wasn’t something Hope expected to launch, but it was a precious gift from the Lord. She shared the following of its creation: “At one of my darkest times I cried out to the Lord for direction. ‘Jesus, give me a job where I can truly serve you and my country again,’ she said. I fell asleep with a tear stained pillow case that night but I woke up with a word from God to create a makeup line that honors Him and is inspired by women of the Bible. It was like a divine download happened overnight. By lunch time, I had made a plan and started on Hope Beauty.” Hope has a passion for encouraging others and there is no better confidence boost than the Word - and a little bit of makeup.

Hope would love to meet you! She is available to speak at your next event, church, television show, or podcast. Please complete the below form and we will be in touch.